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Is your seasonal home closed up and safe? Things may be happening inside that no one can see from the outside.

Living in Southwest Florida has its perks as the beach is close by, there are tons of places to shop and many beautiful gated communities.

Living in a gated community provides a sense of security as anyone entering has to pass through a guard at the gate and all common areas are kept beautifully manicured and clean.

When it comes to owning a home in a gated community, usually the homeowner is responsible for the upkeep of their home.

This includes having the roof, driveway, side of home, lanai and pavers pressure cleaned.  You could also be responsible for painting the outside of your home (when needed). Some gated communities will mow your grass but you are responsible for removing dead palms, weeds and trimming bushes.

Also, even if your gated community takes care of everything on the outside, when you are away, who is monitoring and caring for everything on the inside?

Leaks or even worse, flooding can occur when you are away and if no one is caring for your home and a leak or flood happens, can you image the mess you would face when you return next season?

Here are the top ten most common things that cause household leaks or floods:

  1.  toilet
  2. water heater
  3. pipes
  4. dishwasher
  5. washing machine
  6. refrigerator
  7. shower – bathtub – sink
  8. home foundation
  9. roof
  10. windows

Utilizing a reputable property management company will take care of any leaks that may arise while you are out of town as they will contact you immediately to let you know about the problem and help you with a solution.

A good property management company will also complete or assist with arranging any other services that are needed to keep your property compliant with your community HOA (Home Owners Association) rules and regulations.

Other services a property management company can handle include:

  • Pressure cleaning – Lanai, roof, driveway, any other areas on your home that need pressure cleaning.
  • Painting – Inside or outside of your home.
  • Window cleaning – Cleaning windows helps prevent stains and keeps windows clear.
  • House cleaning – Removing dust and bugs.
  • Home watch services – Check for mold, flush toilets, check for leaks, etc..
  • Lighting – Making sure all lights are working (inside and out).
  • Vehicle check – Check your golf cart and car so that when you arrive home you have ready dependable transportation.
  • Set up a/c maintenance and any other necessary service calls.
  • Maintain all areas of your home inside and out.

There are many tragic stories of people who do not take the proper steps to ensure someone responsible is watching and caring for their home when they are away for the season.  Even a brand new home can have things go wrong when no one is there to check on it.

When problems sit for months, they only get worse.  When you use a good property management company you can have peace of mind and come home to a clean, mold free, problem free home and start enjoying your seasonal residence from day one each season.

 Jumpp To It is a property management and property maintenance company that is licensed, bonded and insured with a great reputation serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Ft Myers since 2001.

We can take care of all of the problems listed above that can happen plus more.

Call us today and we will care for your home right away!  We are available whenever and wherever you need us.

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