For many, the lanai is the heartbeat of the home for relaxation and entertaining.

The last part of summer is the ideal time to do a lanai makeover or maintenance to prepare for next season.

If you live in your home year-round, you can do quick fixes or major upgrades while still enjoying this key gathering spot.

If you are out of town,  do some research online for improvement ideas and have them completed in time for your return.


Basic Maintenance to Immediately Update your Lanai’s Look

General maintenance of your lanai is easy, less expensive and can immediately enhance its look.

With summer storms causing basic wear and tear, it is time to power wash concrete surfaces, such as floors and walls.

Take a good look at your screens. Replacing them can be a fast and simple beautifier. If you are handy, you can repair screens yourself, or have your property management company’s handyman service do it for you to make sure they are installed securely.

Add an Outdoor Barbecue or Grill

Outdoor cooking saves on your air conditioning related electric bill plus cooking outside also improves your indoor air quality.

There are numerous choices for both a built-in or stand alone BBQ that can be the centerpiece for your overall design. You can also add an outside refrigerator which will reduce trips inside.


Fans add up to cooler air and more style.

Hot fan design trends range from tropical chic to industrial and can drive a whole new look.


Consider color which will totally change the look of your lanai or outside space. Do you like more traditional or hot Key West colors?


Know your sun or light exposure and ask your local garden center expert what plants will grow best at your specific location.

Add a Shade Structure to your Pool

If you live in the pool, or have children who do, adding a shade structure can be stylish as well as cooling.

Pool coverings can be as simple and inexpensive as a 12 foot square shade sail (canvas or like material covering) to an extravagant pool gazebo to cover a portion of your pool.

Shade sails are canvas or like material coverings that can be bought whole and installed easily. Most home improvement stores also sell the material itself so you can make your own.

There are also canopies that can be installed anywhere on the lanai that range in size and price. is a great resource for viewing other people’s lanai decorating ideas. (Pinterest is defined by Wikipedia as a “visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests”. Those who post share projects.

Look around and view images of lanai and outdoor space makeover ideas and take things from the ones you like to incorporate into your space.

Jumpp To It is a property management and property maintenance company that is licensed, bonded and insured with a great reputation serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Ft Myers since 2001.

If you would like to makeover your lanai, with special lighting, a fancy fan, new paint, pavers or have other ideas, let us know.

We care for your home inside and out. We are available whenever and wherever you need us.