Whether you are away for a short period of time or for months on end, checks of your property and items on your property can be invaluable.

Different property management companies offer different checks that can protect your home and possessions, save time and money on maintenance and costly repairs plus give you peace of mind.

Common Checklist for Routine Home Checks

Property management companies can routinely check your home for anything out of the ordinary and make sure there are no problems inside or out.

In addition to the overall indoor/outdoor spot checks, there are particular areas that require specific attention.

Checking Air Conditioning

One of the most important regular checks is of your air conditioner to make sure it is cooling properly and that there are no leaks. This can result in significant energy bill savings and eliminating potentially costly repairs.

Note: Without the proper humidity control, mold can build up damaging your home, rugs and furnishings.

Appliances Check

In the days that people ironed their clothes more frequently, the number one concern when leaving for a trip or even a day was, “Did I leave the iron on?”

Besides obvious safety factors, having all appliances checked not only assures against property damage, but can help make sure they are running properly for when you return home. This provides convenience for those who launch back into a busy schedule, as you will not have to wait for a repairman.

Some property management companies will provide entry for repairman in and out of your home while you are away.

Toilet Checks & Flush

While plumbing checks are often a part of overall checks, there’s also the flush.

Flushing your toilets regularly can eliminate that pink ring build-up, keep gases from building up plus keep pipes open and free flowing. Less cleaning for you upon return.

Vehicle Checks

With different climates, come different checks. In Florida, the climate is such that it is important to start your vehicle on a regular basis. When a car sits for long periods of time it can affect the engine, spark plugs and more.

Is it running properly? Will it start when you return from a long time away? Cars are started and checked to see of they appear to be running properly.

Golf Carts:
The same goes for your golf cart. Many use it as often as a car.

Damage and Theft Deterrent:
Recent rashes of vehicle break-ins and theft have been reported, both with cars and carts. Are yours locked properly and secure?

Regular property checks serve the same anti-crime deterrent

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