Pets can be protective, provide company, reduce stress and usually become part of the family.

62% of all American households have at least one pet. Pets are cute and furry but they tend to make messes, especially when they are young and just learning about their environment.

Maintaining a clean home can become a challenge for some people who own pets.

Here are 10 problems and solutions that may help you keep a clean home if you own a pet:

1. Fur and/or hair is a big problem for many pet owners. It settles on furniture, the woodwork, floor, carpet and even gets in the air. An easy way to keep hair and fur controlled is to take time and groom your pet by brushing them a few times a week.

Hair that is captured on a brush and thrown away means less hair in the home. An added benefit to brushing your cat is they will experience less fur balls and constipation as they will ingest less hair while grooming themselves.

You could also choose a breed of dog or cat that does not shed very much. For example, a Persian cat will shed more than a Russian Blue.

Vacuum at least once a week using a hepa filter vacuum cleaner to capture most of the hair and dander. Wipe down woodwork each week as hair and dander will accumulate there too.

2. Smelly furniture – Choose furniture that is constructed of tightly woven materials as they are easier to clean. Cover sofa and furniture with throws and wash them frequently. If pets are lying on furniture (like most do), the throw will be a barrier between the pet and the furniture. As stated above, the key here is to wash the throw/s on a regular basis.

3. Pet has a fowl odor – Bathe and groom your dog no more than once a month. Cats with short hair do a good job grooming themselves and rarely require bathing. Talk to your vet, but if your cat has certain health issues, they may require bathing more frequently. You can bathe your pet when you want them to smell clean and fresh but keep in mind, bathing any pet too often will wash away their natural oils and their coat may become flaky, dull and dry.

4. Dirty paws when the pet comes inside – Clean your pet’s paws when they come in from a walk. Use a Spotless Paw Glove or wipe their paws before they enter your home as pets bring dirt and germs from outside into your home on their paws.

5. Stains and spots on rugs and furniture – Clean up a mess as soon as it occurs. If there is substance to the mess, first remove the blob of whatever it is (feces, vomit etc,), with a knife so that it does not get pushed into the carpet or piece furniture. Then, use an enzymatic cleaner for pets (to eliminate odor) or spot remover to clean up the spot.

6. Scratches on furniture, doors, etc. – Keeps your pet’s nails trimmed regularly. Implement scratching posts in your home for cats and add protectors on your furniture’s legs and the doors. Ask your local pet store for products to protect areas prone to scratching. Have an alternate way your dog can signal you by adding a bell he can learn to ring.

7. Pets make a mess with water and food bowl – Make sure the bowl for water and food is large enough for your pet. If you have a large dog and a small bowl, food and water is more likely to spill out. Place a feeding mat under the bowl/s so that if anything spills, clean up will be easier. Be sure to clean up any messes as soon as your pet is finished eating.

8. Pets chewing on everything – Spend time with your pet/s and make sure they get enough playtime and exercise. Have toys around for your pet to play. When a pet is bored, they are more likely to chew on things.

9. Pet’s bedding smells bad – If the bedding smells bad then so will your pet and home. Choose a wicker bed for your pet as they are easy to wipe down and you can usually just toss the cushion part into the wash.

10. Odor in your home – Change all litter boxes regularly and keep them scooped out daily. Get rid of all carpets as they trap dirt. Tile and wood are better options. Clean all floors on a regular basis and if you must have carpet, vacuum weekly and have carpets cleaned regularly. Throw rugs need regular cleaning too.

Incorporate the above 9 tips as well and when people enter your home, they may not even know you have a pet until they see it.

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