Screens are found in most homes in Southwest Florida protecting windows, doors, lanais and pool areas via pool cages.

There are different types of screening which are constructed from man made materials and these materials have a life span.

Fiberglass screening is the most common screening material but plastic wrap fiberglass screens are longer lasting. Both types of screens need regular inspection and maintenance to prolong their integrity.

Screens can tear, or they just break down over time.  You may notice the black covering wearing off of your screen revealing the fiberglass yarn inside as a silver colored tint on the screen. When any type of damage occurs, repair or replacement of your screen/s needs to be completed promptly, for a variety of reasons.

In our area, there are many small and medium size critters roaming around. When you have a compromised screen, these critters have a way to gain access to a nice lanai or a pool area.

Screens that have become weakened or torn due to age or damage, is an invitation to snakes, raccoon’s, opossums and many other small animals. You may even experience the occasional alligator or bear that may enter and cause damage or make a mess.

If an animal gains access through a weakened or torn screen in your pool cage, cleaning up, fixing, repairing or replacing major damages can be costly.

Prevention is the key.  Nuisance proof your lanai and pool area by regular inspection and maintenance of your screens.

Jumpp To It offers lanai and pool cage screen maintenance and repair.