Are you sure your home is safe?

Are you frequently away from your home because it is a seasonal residence or for frequent travel due to work? If so, you should have someone keeping a close eye on your home. Weather damage, a/c problems, structural issues, and security breaches are some of the things that can occur when you are away from home.

It is better to have a professional home watch and property management company keep check on your home when you are away because if any problems arise, you will be quickly contacted and they can make needed repairs. Also, they will keep the exterior and interior of your home clean.

Having your lanai, pool area and driveway pressure cleaned regularly will keep away dirt, mold and stains. Plus, it is important to have your toilets flushed regularly because if water just sits in a toilet, it evaporates and then sewer gases can come up through the toilet into your home (these gases smell bad).

If your home is in the Southwest Florida area, consider using Jumpp To It to care for your home. We are a full service home watch and property management company and have been serving Southwest Florida since 2001.

Our services include:

  • property management and maintenance
  • cleaning
  • handyman services
  • power washing
  • vehicle check
  • window cleaning
  • ceiling fan, chandelier and light fixture installation
  • security system installation
  • lanai/pool screen repair
  • paver installation and replacement for your walkway or patio
  • seasonal open and close for your arrival and departure..

Let us be your eyes and ears while you are away from home and you can have peace of mind knowing that in your absence, your home is being monitored and cared for.

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