Golf carts are popular necessities among Florida residents. They are used not only on the “greens”, but also to cruise around in gated communities.


They are commonly found in almost every Florida home.


Golf carts are fun for the entire family and provide a dependable ride for short/medium distances around your community and golf course.


Just like a car, a golf cart needs regular maintenance.  As you know, without proper care you will find yourself constantly repairing and investing in new parts.


Many people don’t realize that their batteries need regular maintenance just like the engine of a car. The batteries are the heart of the golf cart, without them there is no life for the cart to ride.

Here are some ways to extend the life of your battery because a dependable golf cart is more enjoyable to use (and remember to wear protective clothing, goggles and acid proof gloves when handling your golf cart batteries).


1.  Replace any damaged batteries

2.  Test batteries with a voltmeter to make sure they are performing well and charge your batteries correctly 3. Battery storage- clean and then store your batteries when not in use
4.  Make sure vent caps are tight and then clean the battery tops using a cloth or brush with a solution of baking soda and water (make sure none gets inside the batteries). 5.  Care kit- have materials on hand to make care and maintenance easier and faster
Golf cart batteries are very expensive and if you take proper care of your golf cart battteries they may last longer so you can put off the expense of purchasing new batteries (for a time).


When you use Jumpp To It property management services for your home, they make sure everything is clean and working properly inside and outside of your home. This includes your Florida vehicle/s. Jumpp To It checks your vehicles to make sure they are up to par and running at all times so whenever you arrive home, you can be sure that your car and golf cart will start right up and be ready for you to use.