pressure washing

Pressure cleaning

Pressure washing, mildew and dirt

In Florida, many people have a lanai or screened in pool area and it is so nice to go outside and enjoy relaxing on the lanai in a comfortable chair or take a swim in the pool then sprawl out on a lounge chair and soak up some sun.

Rain, wind, dew and dirt can take away from the beauty of the lanai or pool area if the floor is not kept clean.

Many homes require a thorough pressure washing twice a year but it can be more depending on where your home is located and how often dirt accumulates.

Also, in cooler months, many people open their sliders and walk barefoot or while wearing socks between the lanai or pool area and inside of their house.  If the lanai and pool areas are not clean, dirt and grime can be tracked into the house and if there are carpets, it can create a real mess over time.

Having your lanai or pool area pressure cleaned on a regular basis will eliminate the build up of dirt and mold so that these areas will always look good and not just for a short time until the build up re-appears.

Here are some ways you can cut down on dirt and dust building up on your lanai or pool area between pressure cleanings:

  • Sweep on a regular basis
  • Dust screen ledges
  • Keep fresh mulch in the flower beds so when it rains the water will be absorbed by the mulch and not splash through the screen

Entertaining on the lanai and/or pool area can be fun and your guests will probably not notice a clean lanai but they will notice a dirty one.

Jumpp To It offers pressure washing services or you can sign up for our property management and property maintenance services and we will pressure wash and take care of it all so that whenever you arrive, your home is clean and everything is ready for your arrival.  Visit our website.