Living in Southwest Florida has its good points like beautiful winter weather, breathtaking sunsets, fabulous beaches and lots of places to shop but our area also has many species of bugs such as mosquitoes, spiders, silverfish, palmetto bugs, sugar ants and Indian meal moths to name a few.

For any of these insects to survive and thrive, they need food, water and shelter just like we do.

To get rid of bugs in your home you have to eliminate their food, water and shelter sources.

You can start by sealing up all cracks and gaps that give insects access inside your home. Seal up entry points bugs are using to enter your home and you will be on your way to becoming bug free.

The same way you enter your home (the front door) may be the same way bugs are getting in. Seal any gaps around your front door. Add a threshold plate and a door sweep under your door to seal any open space.

Also, seal any cracks around the door and add weather stripping to seal all cracks. If you have children or forgetful people in your home who leave the door open, bugs can run in. Install an automatic door closer that will close the door for you.

In winter months, in Southwest Florida, many people like to keep windows and doors open to let the fresh air and cool breeze flow through their home. Install a 20 mesh or finer screen that will allow you to enjoy the fresh air while keeping unwanted insects out.

If you have holes or tears in your screen/s, bugs can enter through them. Contact Jumpp To It if you need screens installed or repaired.

Keeping your yard clean and eliminating areas where water pools is important for deterring bugs. If you have poor drainage due to the slope of the earth, fill may be needed to make it level. Make sure gutters and drains are working properly and remove any leaves or debris. Regularly change the water in your bird bath/s (twice a week) so mosquitoes can’t hatch and grow there. If you have a pool, keep it clean and chlorinated even if not being used.

Repair cracks around windows and in the brickwork or concrete around your home as bugs can squeeze through very small spaces. If you have had any phone lines or cable lines installed, the installer may have drilled holes in exterior walls. Make sure the area around any holes are sealed.

For larger holes like in the chimney or roof vents, use fine mesh or a pre-fabricated chimney cap.

Remove clutter inside cabinets and around your home. Do not leave food out unprotected and store all food in airtight containers. Bugs can reproduce quickly in large numbers before you notice a problem.

Roaches and ants love to eat at their favorite trash cans. Make sure all trash is disposed of in intact trash bags and trash cans must have lids that fit tightly. Clean and sanitize all trash cans on a regular basis.

Dealing with bugs is a part of living in SWFL as they are all around us outside but there is much we can do to keep these unwanted critters from getting inside. Follow these tips to reduce or eliminate bugs from entering your home and if you need help sealing your home contact Jumpp To It.