General Info on Home Watch Services

As a homeowner, you invest yourself, your money, and your time to make your house become a home.  Leaving behind your home for a short or extended period of time can therefore be stressful.  Let’s face it, in today’s world a lot can go wrong; not just with the structure of the home, but the security of the home as well.

Home watch services are designed to relieve you of that stress and give you peace of mind while you are away.  This service provides you with routine inspections by professionals looking for potential problems.  Home watch services work with you focusing on your individual needs and concerns to design a customized checklist to ensure your home’s structure, property, and security needs are covered.

Throughout your time away, your home is monitored by professionals who follow your personal checklist looking for any problems that may arise.  If a problem or potential problem arises, you will be notified immediately so the problem can be dealt with in a timely and cost-effective manner.   These unexpected problems can present as pest infestations, security breaches, breakages due to debris and surrounding trees, mold and mildew growth, faulty air conditioners, leaky faucets, dirty pool / spa, and untidy landscape due to lack of care. All of these issues might seem small on their own but can be time consuming and inconvenient to rectify.  In addition, home watch services have familiarity with local law enforcement agencies, knowledge of security systems, and answer alarm calls.

Entrusting your home to just any company who offers home watch services is not recommended or advised.  Research and asking the right questions are important.  Quality home watch service providers should be:

  • Bonded and insured as the provider will be able to pay for something if they break it.
  • Licensed as that means the provider knows the regulations and practices that must be followed and are trained and qualified in their specific line of work.
  • Knowledgeable of home watch service provider organizations at the local, state, and national level and/or members of them.
  • Able to provide a customized checklist and list of services laying out exactly what is included in the home watch service.
  • Able to accept payment in multiple ways.
  • Properly vetted and screened through background and criminal checks.
  • Flexible in accommodating your property’s needs if an emergency arises.
  • Forthcoming with the costs and any additional expenses that might be accrued.
  • Able to provide storm preparation services.

Needless to say, your home is worth the cost of this type of service.  The benefits far exceed the cost.